Friday, February 27, 2015

No more manic mondays!

It is quite a surprise to myself that I don't have any more manic mondays in my calendar. Before I joined WSO2, mondays have always been blue and depressing. I guess that's how we all feel after a good weekend. Having to wake up everyday and cram yourself with work/school is hectic for most.

To be honest, Few years back it was the same for me.

After joining  WSO2, this thought has changed evidently. When joining I just had a very average interest in coding. There was not much of hyped up passion about coding. Within few months I realized that this has deliberately changed. Growing passion to learn all the new technologies, to try out research on content, to have that 'special interest' in what you do. It's quite inexplainable on how or why/when it all brought a different viewpoint.

I guess it's the responsibility, the personal growth that is allowed within WSO2. The culture ,personal branding , encouragement to explore more all this together have changed things. Because once you are passionate about the work you do, it's no longer called working.As dr.Sanjiva once said, "If you wake up every monday thinking, oh god have to go to work, you are certainly not doing the right job."  It's not that the work load is less or it's all easy, BUT the attitude I had before has changed positively. I love my job, I love the work that I am entitled with!

Passion is the key to everything.It will change your attitude towards things and it will help you out in your life. :)

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