Thursday, April 2, 2015

Download and setup logica SMS Simulator

Sending sms notifications for various tasks/products is a quite popular feature. In order to test such a feature you would require a SMS simulator which is an application that would act as a Short Message Service Center(SMSC) In this post , I will explain how you can setup logica SMS Simulator.

1. Download as a zip folder .
2. Unzip the folder and you should find a inside it.
3. From your terminal go to the unzipped folder location and execute like below.

4. select option 1 and it will ask for the required port number. Once you provide your details it will start listening in for any sms.

Note: inside the unzipped folder you can find user.txt file. This is where you can add your configurations regarding your systemId, password and timeout details. For example, say that you use axis2, and have a configuration as below.

<transportsender class="org.apache.axis2.transport.sms.SMSSender" name="sms">
<parameter name="systemType"></parameter>
<parameter name="systemId">bps1</parameter>
<parameter name="password">bps123</parameter>
<parameter name="host">localhost</parameter>
<parameter name="port">2775</parameter>
<parameter name="phoneNumber">BPS1</parameter>

So in order to capture messages sent through this transport, you need to add below content to user.txt before you start the simulator. And also when requested for port number, you should provide 2775 as the value according to above example.


Note: When adding a new user definition in user.txt file , remember not to add any spaces between name value pairs. For example, name= bps1 and name=bps1 are considered as two users. Since the spaces won't be removed this can cause an error where bps1 user will not be authenticated. Also do not add any blank lines between a user definition, as a new line interprets a new user. 

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