Sunday, October 9, 2016

Creating a custom mode and worker files in Ace editor

[1] and [2]  contain a good example on how to create your own worker code , and integrating the worker to the mode with a worker client. The problem I faced was  though this content was added to two new files, syntax validation was not working as the worker file was lacking some initial methods that was coming from ace editor itself. So in order to create your custom worker with all those basic methods include this is what you can follow.

Let us assume your custom language is called 'lang1'.
1. Create mode and worker content files with the naming convention a 'lang1.js' and 'lang1_worker.js.
2. Download ace source code from
3. In ace source code go to '/lib/ace/mode' folder and place your lang1.js and lang1_worker.js files.
4. Build ace source code with command ' node ./Makefile.dryice.js '.(Check github page for instructions)
5. Once successfully built, go to 'build/src' folder and you can find your mode file as 'lang1.js' and your worker file created as 'worker-nel.js'.

Now you can place these files in your source code location and work with them. Do remember to update the worker name to new one,  when creating the worker client.
var worker = new WorkerClient(["lang1"], "lang1/mode/worker-lang1", "Lang1Module");


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